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David G. Schneider began making contemporary oil lamps in 1995 in an  effort to  study the
wicking capability of a  wick and  the characteristics of the steel, aluminum, brass, glass, clear polycarbonate and oil resistant tubing used in them.

David, a registered architect, the City of Louisville's architect and member of the American Institute  of Architects  from 1979 to 2000, received  his bachelor's degree in  architecture from the University of Kentucky and  his  master's of Architecture and Urban Design from the University of California.  He has  taught architecture at the Teatro Olympico in Vicenza,  Italy,  and Assistant Professor at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute's College of Architecture.  His architectural background is evident in the designs of his sleek contemporary oil lamps.  

Contemporary, that defines David's oil lamps are lamps  that are new, original, unusual and  unique works of functional art. 

Since electricity,  oil lamps  have  become basically obsolete.  Candles are used  for  the  holidays and special occasions  to create that glow of brilliance and warmth.  Both candles and oil lamps are used for various religious traditions.  When electricity or other sources of energy are not available, the use of candles  is a utility that has been around a little after the discovery of  fire.  With the world turning "green", new fuels are being developed that emit less  pollution.  Ultra Pure lamp oil  burns cleaner,  brighter and more efficient  then candles and lamp fuels of the past.  

Artlamp's new oil lamps  are designed and developed for this time, i.e. energy efficient.  Along with being a work of art; they are utilitarian, efficient using the least amount of fuel to obtain the most light.  Artlamp's contemporary oil lamps are dependable, durable,  easy to use, maintain and there  when you need it.   

Since  1995, Artlamp has continuously  developed new and improved contemporary oil
lamps.  All  Artlamp's new contemporary oil lamps are included in this web site.. 

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This  work is influenced  by various periods  of design:, DeStijl, Bauhaus, Minimalist, Constructivist, New England Shakers, Kentucky Shakers and General Systems Theory. The  most influential architects  of DeStijl were; J.J.P. Oud  and Gerrit  Rietveld.  The  most influential Artist  was Theo  van Doesburg.  Construction, a  large component of the period is attuned to the parts to insure  that no part  dominates or  is  subordinate  to  the  others. In this  way, the whole stands freely  and clearly in space, and the  form  stands out  from  the material.

De Stijl- is  Dutch for The Style.  Not style as implied in styling (car styling, etc.) - a package
wrapped   round  the  working   parts,  the  icing  on  the  cake -  but   Style  as  the   integral 
relationship of  the  parts  to  the  whole and the whole to the parts.  This  relationship is the 
same idea presented by Ludwig von Bertalanffy in his book titled General System Theory.  
Bertalanffy writes,  "every  living  organism  is  essentially  an open  system.    It  maintains 
itself in a continuous inflow and outflow, a building up and breaking down of components."

There is a connection between relationships, parts, components and the configurations that 
defines  them.   Aldo Van Eyck   a  Dutch architect,  said, "it  is  all  in the joint in whatever
we make.  What we  are  after is  a  yet  an  unknown configuration discipline,  it  is  hard  to
tell anyone about it until they make it theirs".

Aluminum Exposed Wick with Handle

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