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The  exposed wick oil lamp was a result of testing the wick with only partial use of a glass or aluminum tube to house the wick.  The result was an exposed wick that allowed the wick to be moved up and down to adjust the flame. 
     Exposed wick
          oil lamp
      wick flame 

The suspended tetrahedron within a tetrahedron frame was inspired after seeing Arecibo, the worlds largest celestial eavesdropper. 
         Arecibo      Suspended
        oil lamp

This Cubist oil lamp was based on this house model designed by David G. Schneider Architect for his  residence.  
   Cubist Oil Lamp                    Cubist
     House  Model

The Red Blue Oil Lamp was influenced by the Destijl movement. The Red Blue Arm Chair was designed by Gerrit Rietveld Architect in 1918. The Red Blue Oil Lamp was influenced by Destijl in both its construction and color.   

 Red Blue
 Oil Lamp

 Red Blue Chair


The idea for the Aluminum Pyramid Exposed Wick Contemporary Oil Lamp was derived from the Yellow Triangle painting by David G. Schneider.   

Aluminum Pyramid

Yellow Triangle






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