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Cylinder Contemporary Oil Lamps

Cylinder with Tiny Lamp
David G. Schneider 2009

The Tiny Lamp built in 1998 was designed for the removable Shamash or Service 
Lamp to light the other oil candles in Artlamp's Menorah.

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The Tiny Lamp has been updated to include a  60mm dia. or 2.38" dia.  x  7.75" tall cylinder chimney or shade.  The Tiny Lamp now includes a brass finial, brass base and an increase in fuel capacity to 1.6 ounces or 50ml with a burn time of 12 hours.  The lamp is an excellent example of an oil lamp for public use, i.e. display, restaurants, bars, pub, cafes, etc..  Artlamp contemporary oil lamps make a great gift for yourself or others.  The Tiny Lamp in a Cylinder has a elegant appearance with the glass and polished brass combination.

Various size and shape contemporary oil lamps are now being designed and produced based on the cylinder.  Each cylinder is designed to allow air to circulate thru the cylinder keeping the cylinder from getting hot.  This allows easy access to the lamp for filling adjusting and trimming 
the wick.  

Cylinder with Bulb Lamp
David G. Schneider 2009

The Bulb in a Cylinder, is the largest fuel capacity  of Artlamp's cylinders.  
The cylinder is  75mm dia. or approximately 3".  The Bulb Contemporary Oil Lamp has a  fuel capacity of 125ml. or approximately 4.16 ounces and a burn time of 30 hours.    
Both the bulb lamp and the flask lamps have easy to fill removable glass wick inserts.  

The Bulb in a Cylinder has a brass base and a brass finial to match the Tiny Lamp. 
  This lamp is easy to maintain, it is designed with a wick insert for refueling and trimming the 
wick. The base for the Bulb Lamp is brass with a neoprene cushion and a brass finial 
attached to the glass wick insert.  

The Cylinder with the Bulb Lamp was designed as elegant contemporary oil lamp 
for display, dinning or personal use.

Cylinder with Flask Lamp

David G. Schneider 2009

The Flask in a Cylinder does not have any brass parts.  The  60mm dia. or approximately 2.38" dia. cylinder  with a Flask Contemporary Oil Lamp also holds 50ml approximately 1.6 ounces (same as
the Tiny Lamp's capacity) with a burn time of 12 hours.  

All the cylinder lamps above are made for production.  They are great lamps for personal or public use.  Artlamp Cylinder Contemporary Oil Lamps have an inherent attribute in that the cylinder has been calculated  not to get hot and to provide a safety barrier from flame.

Cylinder with Dancing Flame  

Click on the Dancing Flame above for more information on this Contemporary Oil Lamp.

The Dancing Flame Contemporary Oil Lamp is enclosed in a 4.25" x 10" tall 
heat resistant glass cylinder. 

Cylinder with Flame in Dish
The Cylinder with Flame in Dish Contemporary Oil Lamp is enclosed in a 4.25" x 10" tall 
heat resistant glass cylinder. 


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