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Artlamp Accessories

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Artlamp's Exposed Wick Contemporary Oil Lamp

Aluminum Exposed Wick

Aluminum Exposed Wick Aroma Oil Lamp

Aluminum Shade Aroma Exposed Wick

 This oil lamps is the accumulation and integration of all the major attributes of  Artlamp's 
 oil  lamps built  since 1995.  The major  attributes  include a  heat resistant  glass shade,
simple wick flame adjustment and a handle to carry the oil lamp.  This oil lamp will hold
30ml  of oil or 1 ounce, allowing the oil lamp to burn continuously for
  8 hours depending  on the  height of the flame.  The lamp is made of  heat
  resistant  glass, aluminum  and  steel. The wick is  made of  fiberglass,   which  will  last 
  many  years, depending  on  the  hours  of  use and keeping reservoir full of oil.  Since these
 oil lamps are made   mostly  of  steel  and  aluminum it  reduces the  chances  of   breakage.  
The exposed  wick  oil  lamp has   several configurations due the relationship in its 
materials and  its method of construction.

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