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Intersecting Cubes

The intersecting cubes contemporary oil lamp was based on the geometry of two 
intersecting cubes at their corners.  This lamp was generated after studying various geometries that would function as a contemporary  oil lamp.   The Intersecting cubes  was a geometry in which the reservoir for fuel, a partial shade for the flame and reflector for the flame's light was inherent 
within its geometry.  Function follows form. 

The Intersecting Cubes Contemporary Oil Lamp is offered in three different sizes
in aluminum:
small, 5.5 inch cubed or 50ml reservoir, medium, 6.5 inch cubed or 100ml reservoir and 
large, 7.75 inch cubed or 150ml reservoir.

 Click on Sales for prices of each.  
NOTE: 30ml equals one ounce and one ounce will burn for 7 hours. 


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