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Views of the
 Pyramid Contemporary Oil Lamp;

Lighting of the Clear Pyramid

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Although the pyramid oil lamp is not a true geometric pyramid in which all four sides are equal but  a partial pyramid.  This partial pyramid  is a  frustum of a pyramid.  A frustum of
 a pyramid is  that portion of a pyramid included between the base and a plane parallel to 
the base, both  these planes intersect all the lateral faces.  This view show all the planes of the frustum.  It's three dimensional views  are its unique profiles. 

All  Artlamp's contemporary oil lamps, emphasize  the flame.  
The flame is one of the only natural phenomenon that exist due to a reaction taking place,
i.e.  a flint stone and a source of fuel.  The flame is one of the most interesting of all the 
natural reactions.  It is hard to tame.   It can hurt you.   It can make you feel comfortable, 
intuitively interesting due to the  the warmth that it generates.
The Pyramid contemporary oil lamp points to the flame.  The up-word direction of the face of  
the pyramid leads you to the flame and the sides do the same. 

This contemporary oil lamp has a new shape.  It was born out of a desire to make a better oil lamp. The shade or chimney design was focused around the flame.  When lit, the shade does not get hot.  The lamp is easy to light and to extinguish.  An O ring is provided with the lamp to keep the shade attached securely to the lamp. This is a safety and security feature to allow the lamp to be publicly displayed. 

There are quality attributes about traditional utility oil lamps that  have been incorporated in 
Artlamp's contemporary oil lamps.  The most recent,  the use of a glass shade or chimney and the ability to adjust the height of the flame and fill the lamp while the lamp is lit.  
Other features include the lamps fuel efficiency, its durability and the oil lamps ease of use and maintenance.  Beyond the traditional oil lamp, the Pyramid oil lamp is  friendly in that there is not one exposed part on the lamp that is hot to the touch when lit.  A feature that was developed by Artlamp. 

A simple lamp that can  generate so much.  The pyramid contemporary oil lamp is the best 
oil lamp for today.    An oil lamp that can be very public at the same time a private engagement 
with the heart of the oil lamp,  the flame. 

Starting with the  old hurricane lamps that served the utility companies for many years, 
seemed to become extent and  terminate in design after electricity became available.   Now there are various contemporary oil lamps.  Some well designed and others copies of the traditional oil lamps and still "new" oil lamps that seem to follow a trend with simply exposing the flame;  not much more than a wine bottle with a wick in a fire proof cork .

Housing the wick for burning the Pyramid oil lamp, the tube has been selected based on the temperature it  conducts.  This temperature allows the wick to draw the exact amount of 
fuel to burn efficiently.   This has been the main focus of Artlamp from the beginning, how 
much will a wick wick.  Most oil  lamps have the wick directly above the oil reservoir.  In this configuration, the wick will absorb more oil than is needed thus an unnecessary amount of 
fuel is being burned. 

Unique, in that the Pyramid contemporary oil lamp has a fuel capacity of 130 ml (4.4 ounces) 
 will burn continuously for 48 hours.  The Pyramid oil lamp meets all the codes for burning an oil lamp in a supervised interior public place, i.e. restaurant, bar, etc. and much safer than oil lamps, candles with exposed flames. 

Complaints about the traditional oil lamp has been adjusting or trimming the wick, refueling the 
lamp or personally getting burnt.  You do not have to trim the wick that often if you keep the 
pyramid oil lamp drying out, this allows the fuel to burn rather than the wick.  Since the 
reservoir (fuel container) is remote from the flame, the wick needs to be saturated with oil  
before lighting your oil lamp. This is simple, just let the wick wick for several minutes and  place 
a few drops of oil on the wick prior to lighting the Pyramid  oil lamp. This procedure is necessary with a new wick.  Once the wick has been saturated it is not necessary to do 
this every time you light the Pyramid oil lamp, providing you do not let the wick dry out.  

  Often oil lamps are lit before the fuel has a chance to wick. This will 
burn wicks up very fast and the user becomes very frustrated trying to get the oil lamp to burn.  
If this happens,  start all over again, trimming the wick, making sure the wick is totally saturated and relighting the oil lamp.   At the most, 
the wick should be exposed from the top of the tube  no more than  1/16"  or a millimeter above
top the tube.  If the wick is  to high, i.e. 1/8", the wick will burn and  the wick will glow red,  
burning the wick rather than the fuel.
All parts including wicks in various sizes can be purchased thru this web site just by 
emailing  See  Artlamp Accessories  for current list of available 
accessories , parts and price.  Parts can also be obtained thru the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft in Louisville, Kentucky. 

There has been a recent  rise in the use of oil lamps due to the power outages across 
the U.S.A.  These events triggered the idea to build a durable, fuel efficient and easy to 
maintain contemporary oil lamp and continue providing assistance and service thru 
Artlamp, Contemporary Oil Lamps.  

Clear Polycarbonate & Aluminum Pyramid

Clear Polycarbonate & Brass Pyramid

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