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Utility Lamps

Dietz manufactured the above antique Traffic Gard No. 40 and Fitzall No. 240 Supreme lamps from 1919 to 1947. These two oil lamps where found in Glendale, Kentucky near the historic Whistle Stop Restaurant.  It is important to see where we have been in reference to oil and or kerosene lamps to design and build new oil lamps.  Extremely durable, flame adjustment, weather resistant and carrying handle,  these particular lamps where in production for over 25 years.  I am impressed with the detail and functionality of these particular lamps.  Used primarily by the railroad and utility companies due to there reliability and durability. 

Taking some of the attributes of these lamps, i.e. carrying handle, shade, its durability and  flame adjustment have been incorporated into Artlamp's Contemporary Oil Lamps.


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