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Steel Oil Lamp

Tiny Oil Lamp w/
 Steel Base 

U12 Steel or Painted 
     U12 Brass  Aluminum Shade w/ Adjustment Handle Aluminum Painted Shade
w/ Adjustment Handle 
  Brass Shade w/
Adjustment Handle
Aluminum Exposed Wick Rose Oil Lamp

Aluminum Exposed 
 Wick with Handle 
Brass Exposed
Wick with Handle 
Aluminum Cow
with Epoxy Coating 
Aluminum Pyramid Brass Pyramid Copper Pyramid

Stainless Steel Pyramid Clear Polycarbonate &
Aluminum Pyramid
Clear Polycarbonate &
Brass Pyramid

Tiny Oil Lamp re-designed w/ brass finial and 
brass base
Cylinder with
Tiny Lamp
Pair Cylinders with
Tiny Lamps 
Cylinder with
Flask Contemporary 
Oil  Lamp
Cylinder with
Bulb Contemporary 
Oil  Lamp
Cylinder with 
Dancing Flame
Contemporary Oil Lamp

Cylinder with Flame 
in Dish Contemporary 
Oil  Lamp
Intersecting Cubes 
 Contemporary Oil  Lamp
 Brass  Intersecting Cubes 
 Contemporary Oil  Lamp
Four Foot Tall
Contemporary Oil  Lamp
  Solid Brass Menorah 
 Contemporary Oil  Lamp
Solid Brass 
Wick with Handle #2
Solid Aluminum 
Exposed Wick 
with Handle #2




 1995-2015 Artlamp